Savor the season's flavor
Savor the natural flavor of the land
Natural seasonal cuisine

Our “Yamazato Kaiseki” offers you fresh local food from the mountain and nature of Nasu.
We use local fresh seasonal produce to create the exquisite taste of our dishes.
We in Sansuikaku only add a refined subtle touch to enhance its own flavor.


Nasu Kuroge Wagyu
Nasu Kuroge Wagyu
Only 5 farms raise this rare and valuable
Nasu Kuroge Wagyu cattle.
The distinctive flavor of the marbled meat makes
this beef extraordinary.
You can enjoy the different and unique flavors
depending upon how we cook them.

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Yamazato Kaiseki
Yamazato Kaiseki
Each dish has its own healthful and exquisite flavor.
Our dishes are a gift from nature will fulfill your senses.
Taste and enjoy what we have in each season in Nasu.

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Carefully selected seasonal specials at the current price
Carefully selected seasonal specials at the current price
“Shun” food (seasonal special) is very healthful and exceptionally tasty.
Delightful seasonal food will be served
in the most enticing way.
*This dish will be served only when it's in season and available.*
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Freshly cooked rice, homemade miso soup and fresh milk.
Each dish is carefully selected because it’s the start of the day.

Food connection

Rice is grown in pure water and the vegetables are grown in rich soil.
The river fish swim in clear waters from the mountains. And the Nasu Kuroge Wagyu beef’s superb taste is also attributed to the cattle grazing in the beautiful pastureland of Nasu. When you taste our dishes, you can get to know and appreciate Nasu.
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Mori no AN

You will eat dinner and breakfast in this dining room either in a private tatami room or at a table.
There is a smoking area in the corner of the dining room.
[Dinner time from 6pm to 9pm / Breakfast time from 8am to 9:30am]

Please let us know beforehand if you have any food allergies
Please let us know beforehand if you can’t eat something due to religious reasons.
Please refrain from bringing food or drink to the dining area.

Delicious lunch and hot springLunch and Hot Spring

Plans for one day trip. You can choose one meal from our two course menus and take a hot spring bath.

  • Hot and soft Nasu Beef
    Steak course
  • Light and tasty Nasu Beef
    Shabu-shabu course
Business day
Sunday, Monday, Friday
Number of seats available
Up to 6 groups per day. Deadline as soon as capacity is reached.
Meals are served at the restaurant “Mori no An”. Dishes are changed according to seasons and courses. (Hours : 11:30 am to 2:00 pm, reservation only)
Bathing will be prepared after meals.
Big Big baths and family baths are available. Big bath usage fee is included in the price.
Family bath “Uro” / 2,200yen (including tax) for one time.
Family bath “Goyo” / 3,300yen (including tax) for one time
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Reservations by telephone. Please note that we will stop taking a reservation when fully booked.
0287-76-3180 (9:00am to 9:00pm reservation available) Please make a reservation one day before.
Consumption tax and onsen tax are included.