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SANSUIKAKU is located in Tochigi and a part of spectacular Nasu Onsen area.
Nasu is an Hot Spring Resort only 75 minutes by bullet train from Tokyo.
Once you get here, your ordinary weekend will become extraordinary.
Since the royal family has the summer house in Nasu, Nasu is famous for being a summer resort and is called the “Royal Resort”.
Five million tourists visit Nasu annually and most of them come with their loved ones to have nice relaxing time.
You will experience the rich natural environment at the bottom of Nasu Renzan mountain range and among them is
Mount Chausu which is the highest mountain is classified as an active volcano.
South of the range are seven beautiful onsen.
You can enjoy different types of onsen water with a 1,380 year old history.
Nasu has vegetables grown in rich soil, many unique dairy products, amusement parks, and several historic landmarks.

SANSUIKAKU has thirteen rooms.
Our rooms have a nostalgic and warm atmosphere due to the wooden construction built in the early 20th century.
You will feel the beauty of Japanese seasons while staying in our rooms.
We welcome our guests with our seasonal and nutritious food and our heartwarming hospitality.
We would like to be the ones who will introduce you to the wonders of
Nasu and share with you our Japanese sprit we have in SANSUIKAKU.


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