Sansuikaku offers a comfortable atmosphere
that is among the finest.
The Nasu Goyotei (Imperial Villa) is a part of the protected forest.
Nasukougen no Yado Sansuikaku is located right by the Nasu Goyotei (Imperial Villa) with 14 guest rooms.
The hot springs from the mountains relax us and the food from the bountiful nature provides us with seasonal dishes.
Our “Yamazato Kaiseki“ uses local produce to brings out the seasonal delicate flavors of Nasu.
The wooden building from the early Showa era (1930s) has been enhanced
over time to give our best service for our guests heart fully.
The unprecedented quality of “Ryokan” (Japanese style hotel) won't change throughout the ages.
We will endeavor to pursue this superb service deeply.
We hope you can find “What Nasu is” and “What Ryokan is” while you are staying here.


the One
Sansuikau Wedding

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