The bedroom and the Japanese room are separated.
The bathroom is partially open-air with a door to enjoy your private time.
All guest rooms are non-smoking.

〈 Room Layout 〉

[bedroom + 8-tatami-mat room + bathroom, partly open-air bathroom]
No hot spring in this room


PRICE 2people 3people 4people 5people
Weekday, Sunday 32,000yen(34,710yen) 31,000yen(33,630yen) 30,000yen(32,550yen) 29,000yen(31,470yen)
Saturdays, holidays 36,000yen(39,030yen) 35,000yen(37,950yen) 34,000yen(36,870yen) 33,000yen(35,790yen)

Description of the Accommodation Rate The rate is for one person including 2 meals, consumption tax and onsen tax and service charge.If you stay alone, you pay the same price as 2 people plus an extra 5,000 yen, not including consumption tax.Some rooms are not available to children.

Cancellation Charge
4-5 days before — 20% of the rate
3 days before — 30% of the rate
2 days before — 50% of the rate
1 day before — 70% of the rate
The day of and no shows — 100% of the rate
Consumption tax and Onsen Tax
Kids Rate
0-3 years old — 2,000 yen, not including consumption tax
4-5 years old — 50% of the adult rate, including 2 kids meals and futon
6-12 years old — 70% of the adult rate, including 2 regular meals and futon
Credit cards
We accept these following credit cards :
JCB, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, UC, DC, NICOS, DINERS

Check-in time 3:00 PM〜 Check-out time 11:00 AM